Pizzazz Scenic Contractors are your premiere themed environment providers
Pizzazz Scenic Contractors are your premiere themed environment providers
Pizzazz Scenic Contractors

Pizzazz Scenic Contractors are your premiere themed environment providers
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Fiberglass sculpture
Themed environments
Fiberglass sculpture
Pizzazz Scenic Contractors, founded in 1993, is dedicated to fabricating, managing and designing the highest quality scenic projects and themed environments for “ride & show,” museum, zoo, retail, amusement and resort applications available in the industry. We feel that no other company in our industry can come close to our attention to detail, ease of working relationship, unsurpassed customer service and team attitude that we bring to our projects. 

Most of our highly skilled scenic artists are degreed professionals in the Fine arts.  This gives Pizzazz a wealth of experience from which to draw, combining various modern techniques with the firm foundations laid by the ancient masters. Our scenic artists are comprehensive, have excellent artistic and scenic skills. They have a good knowledge of basic scenic painting techniques, layout, paint application skills, fiberglass sculpture designs, and color mixing.  Our scenic artists' abilities include the traditional fine art skills of sketching, rendering, and painting. They also are well versed in techniques such as marbling, ragging, wood graining, texturing and have a good understanding of art history, motifs and architecture. They are able to interpret designers' small-scale ideas, and develop them into full-scale reproductions.

Pizzazz Scenic's in-house production of urethane products, woods, foams and composites means tighter controls over product quality and project deadlines. Whatever the scope of our projects, from a single fiberglass sculpture to entire themed environments, we are able to meet the challenge, exceed expectations and deliver artistic excellence within strict budgetary and time constraints.

Pizzazz Scenic Contractors, a distinguished member of IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions), is a six (6)-time award winning company. At the convention, held November 2006, in Atlanta, Pizzazz Scenic was bestowed with the much coveted IAAPA “IMAGE AWARD”. The Image Award is the highest award given by the organization to manufacturers and suppliers. Six awards in seven years, given by the executives and managers of the theme park industry, is a rare feat that secures our firm as one of the premier companies in our industry..
Our Services
Q. Is there a step-by-step guide to expect from Pizzazz for a themeing package?
A. Yes! A brief description is found below.

1. Budget
2. Concept Designs, Logos, and Total Image
3. Pizzazz Pricing Estimates
4. Pizzazz Design interaction with Architectural Firm and General   Contractor.
5. Design Build Plans
6. Pizzazz Pricing Final
7. Production
8. Installation

Please contact us if you would like a detailed description.

Q. I just want a design/sculpture/prop/mural/sign, Do you work on small jobs? 

A. Pizzazz Scenic Contractors puts high value on our client relationships and not on the size of any particular project. Satisfied and  repeat clients are the goal in order to foster long term relationships

Q. Will Pizzazz work for my company as a subcontractor?

A. Pizzazz Scenic Contractors does work as a sub to General Contractors and/or designers. Each project has its unique set of circumstances and managerial hierarchy. Many times we are contracted by project owners directly and then integrate, working alongside their GC, architects and other project entities and trades.

Q. My business is far away from Pizzazz, is this an issue?

A. Distance is not a factor as our clientele is international. We are able to provide product to exacting specifications and ship direct. We have sent installation crews, as needed, to such places as Japan, Canada, Italy, Finland, etc. Pizzazz also offers an installation consultant program where local, skilled, labor is used with advice and direction from one of our field supervisors.

Q. I have a budget for my project, why should I tell you what it is before it is designed?

A. Knowing the budget up front helps you, our client, as it will speed up the initial process as we can design your facility to meet your budget rather than charging you for producing revision after revision in order to meet an undisclosed or unknown budget number. We understand that everyone wants to come in at or under budget and get as much as they can for their dollar.

Q. Does my business need themeing?

A. Names, logos, corporate signatures and characters (if any) must all complement each other in order to promote effective branding, marketing and advertising. Once these details are decided, then the interior environment can be addressed. The interior should flow with and reinforce the exterior "public face" previously developed.

Q. How soon does Pizzazz need to get involved when I am planning to build new or to remodel?

A. The earlier Pizzazz Scenic Contractors gets involved in a project the better. Theming and construction costs can be greatly reduced if we are able to integrate, up front, with the architects and GC’s. Initial build plans which include thematic design will have the necessary structural supports, electrical loads, air flow, safety systems, traffic flow and visual aesthetic included. This will greatly reduce the need for architectural, contractor and trade related change orders. Comments such as “We didn’t know THAT was going there” or “the wall was never designed to be structural” will be seldom heard.

Q. How long will your product last?

A. Product longevity is a function of material specification, location of product, maintenance by owners and guest abuse. Pizzazz Scenic Contractors endeavors to manufacture and provide the best products possible given the chosen medium of fabrication.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

A. Our warranty is generally for one year from the date of installation or shipment.

Q. Will you work with my designers?

A. Pizzazz is experienced at working with designers, general contractors and architectural firms. We provide all pertinent information to your architects, engineers and contractors while doing what is in the best interest of our clients and the project as a whole. We will request a conference with your architect and GC in order to explain the needs of the themed environment and answer any technical, artistic and logistical or compliance related questions

Q. Can you give me a price for an idea with no design?

A. We can certainly give ball park estimates based on our experience but firm pricing is difficult to provide without a visual guide, structural support requirements, finish schedules, color specifications, etc.

Q. I am planning a new venue, how soon should I be concerned about safety and fire marshal issues?

A. Fire Marshall concerns should be a preeminent issue from the initial conceptual, architectural and thematic designs. Public safety is the number one concern of all municipalities. Pizzazz Scenic Contractors will meet with the local authorities, describe in detail the thematic elements and their various material specifications as well as provide a specification booklet which usually puts the Fire Marshall at ease regarding the “unusual nature” of a themed environment.

Q. Are you CARB compliant?

A. Pizzazz Scenic can fabricate to California air standards. Fabrication to these standards and using these materials is somewhat more expensive but compliance is required in certain situations.

Q. Do you have any letters of recommendation?

Q. I really want a job at Pizzazz, Are you hiring?

Q. Do you have examples of your logo designs?


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